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This site started out as a Kundalini Yoga teaching site.  As I continued the study and practice of Yoga, my interests broadened to nutrition, connecting with the earth, environmental justice, and social justice.
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phone: 412-512-4902

I am available for group or private classes, and workshops and lectures in Pittsburgh, PA, and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL.

The saying: "your body is your temple", made sense 2,500 years ago. This saying has been outdated for some time, yet, it carries forward into this century.  At 500 BC, the earth had clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, clean oceans to fish and clean land to support plant and animal life, such that we only needed some good exercise and meditation protocols to be a superwoman or a superman, happy, healthy, and strong.  Fast forward to 460 BC, and the first recorded plague killed 25% of the Athens population from self-polluted living.  Most studied is the Great Plague of 1665.  Today, we do not call the ubiquitous diseases of diabetes, cancer, heart failure, autoimmune disease, a plague, but it is.  The maxim must now be: "biosphere earth is our temple, and we who are aware of our temple, must be warriors for her honor".